Victoria Bay: A Hidden Gem
5th January 2016

Victoria Bay is situated approximately 3km from George and 6km from Wilderness traveling from George to Knysna on the N2. This lovely bay is also referred to as "Vicbay" by some people.

Vicbay is approximately 3km from George and 6km from Wilderness. The small bay has a relaxed beach setting and is almost enclosed by cliffs. There are only a few beachfront cottages literally right on the beach. A number of these cottages are guesthouses. I can just imagine the sound of waves against the rocks when you overnight in one of these guesthouses.

What makes this bay extra special, is the beautiful green lawn where friends and families have picnics. Sunbathers are lying on the clean white sand and children swim and play in the pools formed by huge rocks. There is a walking trail up the mountain behind the cottages, if you prefer something more energetic than just walking on the path along the beachfront. Wooden stairs take you up the gently-sloping cliffs to a small caravan park and camping terrain. You get a good view from here, as it overlooks the entire bay from a distance.

It seems like a popular beach for surfers. We often go to this beach and there are always surfers riding the waves on their surfboards. The waves are big and surfers get a long ride. I noticed two lifeguards keeping a watchful  eye on swimmers. The jetty, which is quite long, takes fishermen  deep into the see. Avid fishermen (and "fisherwomen" if I may add) fish from the jetty to get the catch of the day.

Fires are not permitted at this beach, but there is a proper restaurant and tuck shop. We sat down to order something to eat. The menu has a selection of tasty food and you can order breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hot and cold drinks, along with an assortment of appetizers and desserts are also on the menu. You can sit inside the building or outside on the deck overlooking the beach.

The beach is small yet never overcrowded. Victoria Bay is the type of beach where you can simply enjoy relaxed day out on the beach or take part in one of the many beach activities. It is a good choice for a daytrip to the beach.

Directions: Victoria Bay is only approximately 3kms from George and 6kms from Wilderness traveling along the N2 between these two towns.

-34.006103, 22.5483441

10 Beach road
Victoria Bay
6529, George, Western Cape,
South Africa